David Sanchez-Lopez

10904608_500654130072663_4863196430192923109_oQ: What is your life goal ? 

A: I want to be Batman and to be a Professional  juggler. I want to be know worldwide. 

Q: What your goals for after high school. ( travel the world , collage , start a family) 

A: I want to go to collage and to eat toast on the steps of my new house. 

Q: What is your favorite family or friend moment/memory?

A:  The time I set the trash can on fire and I got a sticker from the cops. 

Q: Who is your inspiration? 

A:David Baline, Criss Angel and Batman.

Q: If you could be any superhero who would it be and why?

A:Batman because he is a symbol that there is good and hope left in society.  He is an incorruptible human being that stands up for whats

By:Vanessa Sanchez

Interview of Dani Johnson

Kristy: Do you feel Minarets is challenging you? If yes, in what ways?

Dani: “I think Minarets challenges me to do my best work and pursue my passions.  One of the great things about Minarets is that the teachers are really flexible on the work you have to do.  If you have a great idea for a project or something you really want to research, the teachers will often let you focus on what you’re really interested in.  I think this is a better approach than forcing all of the students to do the exact same work, because it is easier to learn about something you are passionate about.”

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Kristy:  What kind of responsibilities come with being the Captain of the girls basketball team?

Dani: “You really have to be a leader and someone who the rest of the team can look up to.  Team captains are the representatives of their team, and as such, they need to show their best selves on and off the court.  Kelea and I also have to make sure we communicate with our team and our coach, Janeene Bebout.  She often has us relay information to our teammates because she wants it to come from her captains.  All in all, it can be a bit of pressure, but I am so honored to be a captain of our amazing team.”


Kristy: What advice would you give incoming juniors about taking the hardest class here at Minarets, APUSH?

Dani: “AP U.S. History is not a class for the faint of heart.  It’s a lot of work, and you really have to learn how to manage your time.  If the work from the class isn’t going to be your first priority, I wouldn’t recommend taking the class.”


Kristy: How do you handle keeping up your grades and playing a sport?

Dani: “It’s really tough to stay on top of all of my work while devoting so much of my time to sports, but it’s all about time management.  In order to not fall behind, I usually have to work ahead on the weekends.  You really have to be determined to make it work.”


Kristy: What skills that you’ve learned here at Minarets do you plan to use for your job?

Dani: “I plan on going into video game design, and I’m taking computer classes here to help me prepare.  I’m currently enrolled in a game design/programming class, which is helping me gain experience and knowledge in my career field.”


Kristy: How does it feel to be the only girl on Tech Support?

Dani: “It was a little bit strange at first, but it just feels normal to me now.  I am long used to being the only girl.  I love working with computers, and I can do just as well as any of the guys.  It’s fairly unusual to see girls interested in computers or programming, which I think will give me a step up when it comes to college and job applications.  It makes me stand out from the competition.”

December 19th Activities – Lluvia Moreno


December 19th marks yet another annual Activities Day at Minarets High School. The school gives students a day where they can relax, watch movies, and eat snacks, before they leave for their winter break. This year, there will be a Basketball Tournament in the Gym, a Movie Day, a Harry Potter Crafts/Party, a field trip to Skywalk, gingerbread house making, a cooking and permaculture class, film making in media, pottery at Color Me Mine, soccer and a rock concert by the students of Minarets.  It’s going to be a super fun day, and we hope to see you there!

word portrait: showcasing rose

This is a look into the life of Rose Morgan on December 17th 2014.

We visit her in her creative writing class where she vigorously brainstorms for a new project.

Q: What is your most favorite story and why?

R: Honestly, I think my favorite novel is the Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. This is because it’s a fictional story that depicts a real life resolution. It’s not “happily-ever-after”, it portrays real emotion and real people.

Q: What are some dreams of yours and why?

R: I have a dream to go to San Diego state to study things such as psychology, cultural anthropology, world history and such. I want to study these things because I love to travel, and journalism fancies me. Through these studies, I can further my practice and in turn fulfill my dream.

Q: If you had unlimited opportunities to fulfill one of these dreams for one day, which one would you do and why?

R: I would travel, because I really am determined to meet new people, who experience different cultures, and share in the human experience in many different ways.


an article by Eric Ham, group three.


SLE Exclusive: Haunted House

Here at Minaret’s High School, every senior student is expected to produce an, “SLE” or Senior Legacy Experience. Each one is unique, and designed to showcase who the individual student is as a person. They’re also meant to aid a certain cause. In this case the seniors Taylor Ferguson & Kylie Plantaz decided to host a haunted house to benefit the Extreme P.E. class. They gave us some thoughts on the SLE process:

Coming into the year, did you know that this was going to be your project?

(T.F.) No we didn’t have an idea then we sat down with Smoljan (P.E. Teacher) and we came up with the haunted house.

SLE’s are meant to be an enjoyable experience and we inquired how Taylor Ferguson & Kylie Plantaz enjoyed  theirs:

Was the experience more or less than you thought it was?

(T.F.) It was a really good experience, I just wish it hadn’t rained.

How was the overall outcome?

(TF.) It was a bust. We had to cut it short due to weather and we didn’t break even.

It seems that although it rained during Halloween, (at the time of their SLE) they thought that it was a valuable experience. They also had some advice to other seniors who are planning and carrying out their SLE’s.

Advice for people with upcoming projects:

(T.F.)  Don’t think “I don’t need to do that now, I have time.” you don’t have enough time.

– Emily Ward & Bowe Peelman

Poinsettias for Sale!

With Christmas right around the corner, the Minarets Horticulture Class has paired up with Belmont Nursery to organize a fundraiser to sell poinsettias. The money is being fund-raised for the class to expand our program and help with buying seeds, garden material, and greenhouse material.

The event is going on right now, and the poinsettias are on sale for $12 in room 307 (Mrs. Ferguson’s room). They’re perfect for Christmas, so be sure to pick one up!


(These are poinsettia’s ^)

– Emma Z.

The Importance of Life Skills in Education

While the primary purpose of education is academic, many forget the side goal of life preparation. Classes involving this like life sciences, economics, and driver’s programs are vital to teaching students how to survive on their own. Education is important, in all regards, not simply earning high scores on standardized tests. It’s understandable why the educational system doesn’t focus on this – they expect the parents of students to handle this aspect of their education. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for guardians to neglect this, and the child has few ways to combat it.

One of the most important of these classes is Drivers Education, I didn’t personally realise how important this was until my family asked why there hadn’t been any papers or anything relating to this. They were shocked at the lack of such a class, due to it’s importance within their own high school career. They also participated in several life skill classes. The only comparable classes our school offers is government and economics, and statistics. Even these have been heavily modified into more academic forms when compared to classes the previous generation took.

One of the classes in this category that our school supports is Government and economics. However, the work within this class can be equated to little more than busywork. I’ve spoken to several students regarding this class, who hold similar opinions. This doesn’t mean the class is useless, as it does train the individual for the kind of simple work one could expect in an office or otherwise corporate position. The class just doesn’t teach life skills, other than basic economical math and basic governmental systems.

    Ultimately, I think it’d be a good idea for students to push for more life based classes within our school. The benefit these classes could provide to future adults is something to go for, even if our current generation won’t get to benefit from it. The most important of these is some kind of driver’s education prep class, to help kick start student’s lives and help them start planning their future past high school.

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